The Best Non-Toxic Baby Play Mat

by - January 17, 2019

When Olive started rolling over I knew crawling and walking was just around the corner. I wanted to create a safe play area for her to play and explore freely. We have hardwood floors in our home so I began searching for a baby play mat. It's very important for me to find safe and non-toxic products for Olive (and myself!) and was shocked when I found it nearly impossible to find a simple play mat for my daughter that wasn't made with toxic chemicals. Many play mats are made with EVA foam or PVC, which have both been found to off-gas formamide. After endlessly searching, I was thrilled to finally find a Folding Play Mat by Cream Haus.

The company was founded by a father who realized a non-toxic foam play mat was missing in the current market and wanted to create a safe, high-quality product for his children. This grew into a family of non-toxic play mats that I absolutely adore! This is the only truly non-toxic play mat on that market that I have found that has enough cushion for the support we were looking for. They are very open, honest, and thorough about the materials they use. When we received the mat I could immediately tell it was high-quality and thoughtfully made.


It's made of food-grade, low-density polyethylene foam (LDPE) foam and the cover is made of PU leather. The mat is comprised of 10 layers of shock-absorbent material made of non-cross linked PE foam sheets laminated through a chemical-free adhesive method for an optimal thickness of 1.6 inches. This is one of the thickest play mats I have found! It provides adequate cushion and ultra shock-absorbency for baby tumbles! Perfect for hardwood floors! It's firm and supportive yet comfortable and soft.


There are two size options to choose from, the 51 inches x 79 inches and 51 inches x 102 inches. We opted for the larger size as it fits our space and she can continue using it as a play area as she grows. Even with the mat's large size, it's very lightweight at only 9.3 pounds so can easily be moved around.  Since it's a folding mat it can be folded and stored away when not in use.


Cream Haus color palette is soft neutrals and pastel hues consisting of grey, cream, blue and pink. . We chose the Cream Haus grey/cream combo. It works nicely with our home and decor while most other play mats on the market I came across we're loud and brightly colored. The mat has a reversible surface meaning it's colored on both sides. One side is grey and the other cream. They also have a mixed version featuring thick stripes.

 Grey Side

The play mat has a waterproof surface and is extremely easy to clean. It can be cleaned with a damp cloth and light cleaner.

Most importantly, Cream haus has rigorously tested the materials used and published their lab reports on their website here and here. After each mat is produced it goes through a strict and rigorous environmental and quality control testing. Only the ones that pass are delivered to customers. This Makes Cream Haus mats one of the safest products for children.

When we received the mat I was thrilled that it has no smell at all! Many baby products arrive and need to off-gas due to material smell but Cream Haus was free of any chemical like smell. There was really no scent at all!

Overall I'm very impressed with the quality of the mat. It's made with incredibly high-quality materials and has impeccable stitching. I can tell this will be a long-lasting play area in our home! I'm careful with the products I choose for my daughter and this is by far one of the best non-toxic foam play mats I have found! In addition to the folding mat, Cream Haus has a variety of other play mats in different shapes and sizes.

Play Mat Features:
  • Two size options - 51" x 79" and 51" x 102"
  • Thickness - 1.6 "
  • Weight: 9.3 lbs
  • Free of flame- retardants, formamide, formaldehyde, phthalates, lead, heavy metals, VOCs, PVC, BPA, EVA, TPE, and azo dyes.
  • Folds for easy storage
  • Water-resistant surface for easy wipe clean
  • Extra thick non-toxic PE foam for shock absorption
  • Hypoallergenic
  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified
  • USDA certified biobased PU leather cover
  • No off-gassing

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